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Anime Shakers

Anime Shakers

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This polly pocket inspired openable shaker charm set features 8 bases, with 45 Genshin characters and 10 companions as shaker pieces to choose from! Pick your favourite characters and put them in your openable base, and shake them!

- Large Bases can fit up to 4 characters
- Medium Bases can fit up to 2 characters
- Small Bases can fit only 1 character, and 1 companion
- Base charm size est 7-9cm
- Shaker pieces size est 3cm

How to use
- Remove the bean chain 
- Swing open the front cover carefully (there are magnets at the top, so don't worry about the force you feel)
- Place your shakers
- Close the shaker and attach the bean chain back

Character bundles ($6 per pack, original price $7.5)
JJK Gang: Gojo, Geto, Nanmi, Riko
SpyxFam: Anya, Bond, Loid, Yor
Bocchi the Rock: Bocchi, Kita, Nijika, Ryo
Frieren Party: Frieren, Fern, Stark, Himmel
Link Click + Skip and Loafer: Cheng Xiaoshi, Lu Guang, Mitsumi, Sousuke

If you do not recognise the characters by their names, all are listed from left to right, top to bottom, first to second pic (including the character bundles which are grouped per row)

PLEASE NOTE: This is a shakers only listing. Please purchase the openable bases in a separate listing

Genshin Bases here (
General Bases here (

These are derivative fanmerch and do not claim to be official to any form of existing brand or content it might resemble. 

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