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Openable Shaker Bases

Openable Shaker Bases

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These openable shaker bases characters can fit the shaker pieces featuring characters from Genshin or popular animes! Pick your favourite characters/companions, put them in your openable base, and shake them!

Pictures do not represent final product. The designs will have a hole at the top and a hinge hole at the bottom instead of only a hinge hole at the top! 

- Large Bases can fit up to 4 characters
- Medium Bases can fit up to 2 characters 
- Small Bases can fit only 1 character, and 1 companion
- Base charm size est 7-9cm
- Shaker pieces size est 3cm

How to use
- Remove the bean chain 
- Swing open the front cover carefully (there are magnets at the top, so don't worry about the force you feel)
- Place your shakers
- Close the shaker and attach the bean chain back


PLEASE NOTE: This is a base only listing. Please purchase the shaker pieces in a separate listing:

Genshin Shakers here (

Anime Shakers here (

These are derivative fanmerch and do not claim to be official to any form of existing brand or content it might resemble. 

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