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  • FAQ

    If you have any questions do check my anonymous question platform Tellonym. Else feel free to enquire via the contact form below! Shipping FAQ at the bottom of this page vv

  • Item Tracking

    If you have preordered, please wait till the specified shipment month before querying about its shipping status. Otherwise, you can check the Singpost website or Qexpress

  • Preorder Updates

    Venti Plush and Wine Bag
    Fulfillment complete

    Feb Preorders
    Stock ordered, on track to be fulfilled in April

Feel free to contact me!

Shipping FAQ

Where are you shipping from?

All orders are shipped from Singapore!

What are the different shipping methods and coverage?

For all parcels, if returned to me due to any issues, I can resend to you at shipping cost. If there are any manufacturing issues/missing items, I will also resend/refund the items to you! However if the items are damaged during transport, I am not liable to covering such damages ><

- No tracking number
- No refund for loss

Tracked Package
- Limited tracking outside of posting country
- Coverage for parcel loss once confirmed by Postal Service

Tracked Courier
- Detailed Tracking
- Coverage for parcel loss once confirmed by Courier
- Faster shipping overall

What is the estimated shipping time?

For Untracked or Tracked Packages,
Singapore: 1-2 weeks
SEA: 2-8 weeks
Everywhere else: 4-12 weeks (Please take note that tracking for these are not available/limited)

For Tracked Courier
Singapore: 3 working days
SEA: 2-8 weeks
Everywhere else:2-8 weeks

Please click on "Courier Information" on the tracking page for QSPXXXXXX tracking numbers to see the tracking within your country!

What shipping type should I purchase?

If you live in SEA, I would recommend tracking for larger/more expensive orders in case they get lost/stolen.

For those living in the USA, tracked shipping should be enough as most packages reach safely. However if you would like your package more quickly and safely, Courier would be much better as the normal tracking is not very detailed and stops once it reached destination country.

If you live in the UK/Germany/Italy or any country that charges Custom/VAT I highly recommend courier so that you can follow your parcel tracking more closely, and be ready to contact your local post if it is going through customs/held up. 

Do you cover Customs/VAT fees?

No I do not have the means to cover any custom fees that your country may have. Please be prepared to pay for it on your own via your own post office, or collection centre. It would be recommended to purchase tracking so that you know if your package is stalled at customs, or at your local distribution centre. 

Do you know where my package is? 

If you did not purchase tracking, there is no way for me to track your item. I unfortunately have no idea where it is, or when it will arrive. If you are lucky, the package might be returned to me and I will contact you then!

My tracked package has not arrived/the tracking has not updated for months?

Do check your tracking regularly, and if there is an issue such as: not updated for  months, item is stuck at customs, failed delivery, or it is way past the estimated shipping time and it is still has not reached. Please first check with your local service if possible.

Once the item is out of my country, it is passed to your local postal service. I can request for my post office to check the status of your parcel, however that can take months to process. It would be most efficient to take your package information (tracking number, shipping details, and your order number which I use as sender reference) to your local post and check its status from there. There has been successful cases of packages being collected directly once the customer contacted their local post office. If you need any extra information to retrieve your package, do contact me!

How to track package for for QSPXXXXXXX Orders

Tracking via the Qexpress website can be a bit weird as the tracking would stop once it is passed over to Asendia, requiring you to click on "Courier Information" to get the rest of the tracking!

You can where this button is here

My package might be lost, what do I do?

Please contact me via my contact page with your order number, tracking number and name! I will check on your order tracking and contact my postal service if necessary. 

If your order is shipped as a Tracked Package, please expect delays in the shipment, and check in with your local post in case they are holding onto the package and waiting for collection. If it still has not arrived after 3 months, I will contact the local post, please expect refund process to take at least another 1-3 months due to the slow nature of my local post. 

If your order is shipped as Tracked Courier, please contact me if the tracking has not updated for 1 month, and I will send a query to the courier. If the courier side declares the package lost, I will be able to receive compensation and as such refund your order contents. Reshipping is usually not possible due to the limited nature of my items.